About Us

Learning programming can be very confusing and frustrating. We created Codeng School to make it simple, efffective, and enjoyable.

How We Do It

Well-Designed Courses

Our courses are intelligently designed with our core values of simplicity and effectiveness. We put in a great deal to make the learning experience interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Principles over Coding

At Codeng School we don't only teach you how to write code. We also teach you principles, how they work, and how to effectively apply them.

Project Oriented Learning

Experience they say is the best teacher. With Codeng School, you learn as you follow and create real-world projects. You learn what works, and your skill stays with you a lifetime.

Support Community

A major key to effective learning is support and assistance. Codeng School's discussion forum has been created to enable students get help when the need arise; and to enable them to share knowledge and insight with their peers.